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L.A.G. Tactical holsters are the most versatile and comfortable conceal carry holster on the market. All holsters can be worn both inside and outside the waistband. This means dealers no longer need to stock both types of holsters. This will greatly reduce the number of SKU's you need to keep in stock while still having what the customers want.

Holster Features:

- Adjustable Retention. By tightening or loosening the screw below the trigger guard, you can customize how tight the holster "grabs" your pistol in order to suit your own unique draw stroke. 

2 Sets of Belt Loops. All of our holsters except *The Liberator will ship with two sets of belt loops, enabling you to change your holster from Inside the Waistband carry to Outside the Waistband carry in minutes. 

10* Forward Cant. The slight forward angle of the Patriot holsters is designed to maximize concealment and provide a wide range of adjustability.

- Flared Edges. Enables quick, one handed holstering without having to take your eyes off of the threat.

Slim Profile. By utilizing .060" Kydex, we've created one of the thinnest profile holsters you are ever likely to see. The .060" material is just as scratch resistant and more flexible than thicker options, making this holster well suited for concealed carry.

Hand made in the USA!